The most popular bags of 2018 are here. I’m afraid they’ll be emptied the next second

It’s already halfway through 2018, so it’s time to take stock of the most worthwhile handbags in the first half of the year! don’t know what new bags you bought.

If say this year Dior has what big, big action is worth people to look forward to, that must be the Saddle Bag that stopped production 20 years again reappear quack!

The Saddle Bag was a handbag designed by John Galliano in the spring and summer of 2000, when it immediately became one of the “must-have” handbags of the fashion icon of those years.
The most impressive picture of this bag is the first ancestor of the fashion drama “Sex and the City” Carrie handheld stamp Saddle look like a pilgrimage!
Although this bag is not as famous as Princess Diana’s bag, the changing style of the bag still makes many people love it: the streamlined package shows the aristocrat and the high sense of equestrian movement in the right way;
The old flowers attached to the CD after the entire bag has emitted the old fashion house unique vintage breath;
Change to tannin fabric and cartoon collage on the street feeling stand out, and become very damp;
And this season’s Saddle Bag is more gorgeous than before! the glossy black pure leather looks full of high sense; the spiked bead becomes sweet and romantic again ~ how to see how beautiful!
Excuse me: which is the most popular small box for LVs now?
ohohowowo! that’s it! this chain bag called Trunk Clutch! open your eyes and recognize it. Oh, this is really not Petite Malle!
Trunk Clutch is a small soft-shell box based on Petite Malle, which is still designed to follow the very simple outline of Petite, but the whole package is made of soft EPI leather, and the handle is real good ~.
The splicing of the color blocks and the enveloping of the organ are the greatest highlights of Trunk Clutch. The design of the organ body increases the capacity of the bag, and the utility of the double bag immediately surges.
Although the handbag comes, but the authorities have attached it with leather metal chain shoulder strap, so you do not delay the “lazy” ~ the face of a small box is better than the small box, the price is also more popular, is definitely this season LV’s conscience product of the season.
To be honest, since PP announced my departure from Celine, I have gradually shifted the target and had a tendency of empathy. (yes, it’s me, I love to buy Celine.) especially after this year when Chanel led a wave of PVC craze, they went after it! the next one went on sale in the handmade workshop series and released the vacation series.
Oh, my mother! please somebody cover my purse! yes! look! Ah! but then again, what handmade workshop ah holiday money, ah, no matter how beautiful and beautiful it is, There is no substitute for the PVC bag in the overall 2018 fashion circle. So you have to ask me what is the hottest it bag in 2018, I still vote for PVC bag!
I particularly like this Chanel18 spring and summer series of PVC buckets, beautiful! special shaped buckets ➕PVC material, do not be too fashionable Oh my Wen ~
Before the big cousin also carried a super-size PVC tote bag, to be honest, this is not ordinary people can live in hold, but since the purchase of PVC special, it might as well in the selection of the same as the cousin as bold as a bit ~.
In addition to the above two cousins of the same PVC Chanel in this season also launched a lot of PVC bags, what PVC travel tote, PVC’s lovely shoulders, PVC’s special-shaped buckets, by a color embellishment, each child can be called “dragon and Phoenix in the bag”!
Even the most classic Le Boy and vagrant bags were dressed in PVC’s coat.
Of course, I know, not everyone can afford to buy Chanel, so sweet of me, for you to find a flat! price! generation!
The design, the style, the matching color and so on certainly is the competition but fragrant granny! but also can satisfy you to want to walk in the PVC trendy front line desire ~
The fashion sense of smell extremely sensitive to buy Jun as early as the beginning of the year this package just came on the market on the start of this “fake” Gucci printing bag ~ and a buy on the purchase of two!
The biggest bright spot in this bag is the huge “GUCCY” on the bag. People who don’t know think you bought a fake Guccie.But Michele is so inspired that he directly does what the person who wants to make A wants to do.
But “GUCCY” is not nonsense logo. people have a history! “GUCCY” is the noun “adjective” of Gucci, which means “guCCY = very Gucci”
Metallic-textured calves, interesting logo for game fonts (from SEGA), stars and borders, they look medieval, they’re retro.
In addition to the single shoulder bag and the Dionysian bag, it is the book case that most wants to be listed as a must-buy item.
The bag was inspired by a book of poems that Michele had read, and he printed the name of one of them on the back of the book: “Becchin Amore,” isn’t it a rich bag with a lot of stories?
In addition, the bag also attached a tiger head key, in addition to the bag can be locked up as a necklace to wear on the body, buy bags to send necklaces, a good deal ~
In addition, I’d like to seriously recommend this giant tote, called RE (BELLE), which looks like a clam shell.
This is one of the main bags of Gucci this season. This is the bag in the beautiful digital oil painting advertisement.
I want to say that since the fall and Winter Celine 18 series, the PP sequel, I have been thinking about this canvas beach bag! no! forget it!
Did you say it was special? no, it was just a normal tote beach bag. Did you say it had a design? no. It’s just a logo printed on it. So why is TMD so obsessed with it? probably because it’s simple and generous, and it’s easy to play with.
The original sand canvas body looks particularly ➕fresh ➕natural.
Simple wrapping and logo decoration make this bag come with Celine style air, and travel with a cotton and linen canvas bag with this natural painting style that looks much better than LV Keepall
When I think about going out on a trip, I can change clothes and skin care with it. I feel that my quality of life has risen to a higher level.
This year loewe main hit this Gate bag must be the familiar face to everybody! bought the gentleman early this year to predict it will definitely be this year one of the hottest handbags!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a design saddle bag! the whole bag zipper, buckle, the purest leather shows the original taste of the bag
Of course, the biggest highlight is the knots design on the bag! the flip part is stuck in the knot like a bolt, and the knot is changed into a “lock” second! a fully “high energy” knot!
It is said that many people have appointed Yuan Quan to share the same style, but in fact, I think it is better to see the bag or the color pattern because it looks very lively.
18 autumn and winter show field also launched the mini model, looks like the ghost horse spirit’s loveliness ~ even if is not practical also wants to let the person take out the purse very much!
NIKI recently recommended to you a round, remember fart? less than a month on the market on the global shortage, now the major counters have probably sold out several rounds of restocking it
This bag retains YSL’s usual rock and roll style, the whole body is clean and clean, although it is a postman bag, but with the temperament of the locomotive.
The whole body is made of old oil wax leather, the visual effect is “peak level” handsome! this kind of oil wax skin is not afraid of scraping and grinding, thief chicken is light!
One sentence summarizes the upper effect of this bag is: how to see how beautiful!
In other words, the last time Chloe released a fashion bag that would make people famous is it (I don’t know if it was launched a few years ago) Faye or Nile? (fashion circle “season” = “year of the year”)
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