Burberry Large bucket bag as Celine Twisted handbags

Burberry Recently brushing Liu Wen Street shot occasionally saw me Wen carry this big bucket out of the street for two days in a row, and then was recommended at a glance!
With my professional instincts, I picked out the “background” of the bag and found it came from Burberry, who is famous for his elegance.
In this way [street] the bucket with both visual sense and Burberry’s previous DK88, Buckle are really very different: the same round body as the dinner bucket, with the age and decompression of the broad shoulder band, looks very random! can not help but remind me of the Twisted of the fall and winter Celine15 season.
But Burberry home this is more daily, better than Twisted to build a few ~ I personally especially like canvas, light and resistant to exercise!
And personally feel canvas will be a popular trend this autumn and winter, because a lot of brands are coming out canvas bags! in addition, I would like to recommend the Burberry this season of this Barrel. What looks special, but the cylindrical body is really cute!
It is very simple, but it is a real street feeling on the back. It can be said that it is one of the necessary collection of money at a reduced age
And graffiti with stripes. Funny. The young Burberry is really exciting😍😍😍
All right! one breath recommended 9 bags to you! see dazzling, exhilarating bar ~ I think or after looking carefully pick reward oneself is the right thing! remember to frequent our shop!
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