Celine canvas beach bag for autumn and winter

I want to say that since the fall and Winter Celine 18 series, the PP sequel, I have been thinking about this canvas beach bag! no! forget it!
Did you say it was special? no, it was just a normal tote beach bag. Did you say it had a design? no. It’s just a logo printed on it. So why is TMD so obsessed with it? probably because it’s simple and generous, and it’s easy to play with.
The original sand canvas body looks particularly ➕fresh ➕natural.
Simple wrapping and logo decoration make this bag come with Celine style air, and travel with a cotton and linen canvas bag with this natural painting style that looks much better than LV Keepall
When I think about going out on a trip, I can change clothes and skin care with it. I feel that my quality of life has risen to a higher level.
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