Chanel leads PVC handbags craze

To be honest, since PP announced my departure from Celine, I have gradually shifted the target and had a tendency of empathy. (yes, it’s me, I love to buy Celine.) especially after this year when Chanel led a wave of PVC craze, they went after it! the next one went on sale in the handmade workshop series and released the vacation series.
Oh, my mother! please somebody cover my purse! yes! look! Ah! but then again, what handmade workshop ah holiday money, ah, no matter how beautiful and beautiful it is, There is no substitute for the PVC bag in the overall 2018 fashion circle. So you have to ask me what is the hottest it bag in 2018, I still vote for PVC bag!
I particularly like this Chanel18 spring and summer series of PVC buckets, beautiful! special shaped buckets ➕PVC material, do not be too fashionable Oh my Wen ~
Before the big cousin also carried a super-size PVC tote bag, to be honest, this is not ordinary people can live in hold, but since the purchase of PVC special, it might as well in the selection of the same as the cousin as bold as a bit ~.
In addition to the above two cousins of the same PVC Chanel in this season also launched a lot of PVC bags, what PVC travel tote, PVC’s lovely shoulders, PVC’s special-shaped buckets, by a color embellishment, each child can be called “dragon and Phoenix in the bag”!
Even the most classic Le Boy and vagrant bags were dressed in PVC’s coat.
Of course, I know, not everyone can afford to buy Chanel, so sweet of me, for you to find a flat! price! generation!
The design, the style, the matching color and so on certainly is the competition but fragrant granny! but also can satisfy you to want to walk in the PVC trendy front line desire ~
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