This year’s loewe hit this Gate’s hottest bag

This year loewe main hit this Gate bag must be the familiar face to everybody! bought the gentleman early this year to predict it will definitely be this year one of the hottest handbags!
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a design saddle bag! the whole bag zipper, buckle, the purest leather shows the original taste of the bag
Of course, the biggest highlight is the knots design on the bag! the flip part is stuck in the knot like a bolt, and the knot is changed into a “lock” second! a fully “high energy” knot!
It is said that many people have appointed Yuan Quan to share the same style, but in fact, I think it is better to see the bag or the color pattern because it looks very lively.
18 autumn and winter show field also launched the mini model, looks like the ghost horse spirit’s loveliness ~ even if is not practical also wants to let the person take out the purse very much!
L.OEWE Bunny 3D Color Printing Psoriasis tote hand Bag
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