which is the most popular small box for LV now

Excuse me: which is the most popular small box for LVs now?
ohohowowo! that’s it! this chain bag called Trunk Clutch! open your eyes and recognize it. Oh, this is really not Petite Malle!
Trunk Clutch is a small soft-shell box based on Petite Malle, which is still designed to follow the very simple outline of Petite, but the whole package is made of soft EPI leather, and the handle is real good ~.
The splicing of the color blocks and the enveloping of the organ are the greatest highlights of Trunk Clutch. The design of the organ body increases the capacity of the bag, and the utility of the double bag immediately surges.
Although the handbag comes, but the authorities have attached it with leather metal chain shoulder strap, so you do not delay the “lazy” ~ the face of a small box is better than the small box, the price is also more popular, is definitely this season LV’s conscience product of the season.
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